HHS Sadie Hawkins Dance
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Thursday, February 09, 2017
By Iron City Studios
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Iron City Studios was asked to take photos for Hoover High School's Sadie Hawkin's Dance in January. Traditionally, it is known that young men will ask the ladies to school dances. In recent years, "prom-posals", where guys come up with creative ways to ask girls to dances, in particularlly prom, have become incredibly popular. Sadie Hawkins Dances take the traditional and flip it on its head! This particular dance gives girls the lead, having to ask the guys to attend with them! Many Hoover High School ladies did just that this year and the turn out for the dance was great! The girls were all glammed up in their prettiest dresses and the guys looked sharp in their suits and formal attire! The cafeteria transformed into what was a beautifully decorated event space, with white sheer curtains running from ceiling to floor and multicolored lights that gave a special ambiance to the entire room! The DJ had popular, upbeat music blaring and soon everyone got into the spirit and started dancing! Even a dance circle formed and students took turns showing off their moves in front of others! Here at Iron City Studios, we love to apart of such fun nights at hoover High School like the Sadie Hawkin's Dance! From group shots to candids that we snap as we get into the thick of the crowds, we are there to capture it all!