Alabama Juniors Volleyball Club
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Wednesday, February 15, 2017
By Iron City Studios
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A few weeks ago we were given the opportunity to join partners with the Alabama Juniors Volleyball Club. We were asked to come shoot both their individual players and their teams. What a great shoot! Awesome parents and very sweet girls. These ladies practice hard and put everything have into achieving their goals!

We custom created a volleyball court background for them to give them something a little extra ordinary. We shot the individuals in a composite style to be put together with their teams. It's a far departure from the average team photos they were getting in the past. In the ordinary photos they just lined up against the wall and took a team shot. Our composite team photos allowed each individual player to strike a separate pose and make sure that the player was sharp, in focus, and can be fully viewed. This is the new wave in sports photography.

We like to tell teams that we become strategic partners, and that is the truth. We want to work with you and your team leaders to make sure that we get the best shots possible for your team. We also want to partner with your team in a unique way to commission back part of the sales. To make this mutually beneficial, we have to do something that the parents just can't do with their average camera or phone. Technology has gotten smarter and better, and parents demand is higher than ever. 
We truly love what came out of the Alabama Juniors Volleyball Club, and would love to talk to you about the sports teams that you might work with.