Did you miss your photos or need them retaken?
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Thursday, October 06, 2016
By Iron City Studios
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Did you miss School Day Photos (Grades 9-11), or need to have them RETAKEN?


If you did, no worries. Contact the school to find out when the makeup day for photos are.


*** For the School Year of 2016/2017 Hoover High has a makeup day of November 15 and 16. ***


Did you miss your team or sports photos?


If you missed your team photos, you can schedule a time to come into our studio and take your individual photo. If you team choose to do composites for the team photo, then you can still be in the team photo! However, the deadline for taking your photos will depend on your individual team. Talk to your coach or give us a call in the studio to get more information. Each team chooses how they want to do photos and makeups. 


Did you miss your Senior Photos?


If you missed your senior photos and it is before the deadline, simply call the studio and ask to be rescheduled. This is subject to availability. If you missed photos and it is after the yearbook deadline, you can still schedule an appointment to have them taken, but we can not guarantee they will make it into the yearbook. Please ask your yearbook advisor for more information.