Hoover High School Halloween Dance
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Wednesday, March 01, 2017
By Iron City Studios
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Trust us when we say that Hoover High School can really throw an amazing dance. Last fall, Iron City Studios had the chance to party with the students of Hoover High School at their annual Halloween Dance. Every dance we have attended for HHS has been one, big dance party. The students really get into every dance that the school puts on and it is really awesome to see! The Halloween Dance was especially fun for us because we got to see that school spirit amplified! Nearly everyone that attended this dance went all out with their costumes! Hoover High School itself went all out of the decor! They had students dressed up as undead doctors and nurses that would creep through the crowds, holding (fake) body parts and organs of their previous victims and others that dressed as crazy, mental patients locked in a cage in the center of the room, screaming and laughing, trying to get out! Fog and multi-colored laser lights replaced the florescent lights overhead as the DJ pumped up the jams. 

Everywhere you turned you saw the most thought-out costumes imaginable. In one corner there were minions dancing and Teletubbies talking. If you looked in the other corner, Donald Trump and the Men in Black sipping on sodas. With such an amazing display of costumes, of COURSE there was a costume contest! There were categories for best individual, best couple and best group. As the contest began, the individuals lined up and hyped up the crowd up as they walked by to be judged. A slinky, Chucky the Doll, a Jedi and Marilyn Monroe were a few of the contestants, but Donald Trump got the most votes and took Best Individual. Next, Shrek and Fiona, The Purge couple, Bugs Bunny and Lola Bunny and Ketchup and Mustard all tried, but the Army Men took the gold in Best Couple. Lastly, The Flintstones, the cast of Stranger Things, the anchormen from Anchorman and the Minions all walked across the stage in hopes of winning, but the Bad Girls of Gotham, Cat Woman, Lady Joker, Poison Ivy and early Quinn, won the hearts of the judges in Best Group.

The staff at Iron City Studios always enjoys hoover High School's events, but the Halloween Dance was one of the most fun events we've gotten to be apart of in a long time! We cannot wait to see what they students come up with next Halloween season!