Retouching Yearbook Photos
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Thursday, October 06, 2016
By Iron City Studios
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Can I add retouching to my yearbook photo?

Yes. Retouching can be added to any individual photo.

To add it to your yearbook photo, please be sure to add the service to your cart and add the yearbook photo you want retouched in the same order.

Follow the steps below:

1) Visit:
2) Click on ORDER PHOTOS from the top menu.
3) Find your grade level class Freshmen = 9th grade, Sophomores = 10, Juniors = 11. Click on your class level.
4) You will be asked for an ACCESS Code. This is your child’s state ID number. It will begin with 19 and will be 10 digits long. Click on Login.
5) Click on the photo you would like to Select for the yearbook or to purchase.
6) Click BUY. A dropdown will display showing your A LA CARTE options.
7) Choose SUBMIT TO YEARBOOK to select your yearbook photo. Change the quantity to 1. Click ADD.
8) Stay on that photo, click BUY again and tab over to PACKAGES AND PRODUCTS. Click Retouching Services and choose the service you would like. Click ADD and complete your checkout.
9) When you are done you should receive a receipt via email. It will show your retouching service and the "Submit to Yearbook" on the same receipt for the individual photo.

This will ensure that we do the retouching before sending the photo off to your yearbook.


If you have any questions, please drop us a line by clicking on contact or give us a call at 205-783-5281.

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