What Do I Need To Wear For My Senior Pictures?
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Monday, January 16, 2017
By Iron City Studios
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You may not know this, but there are two parts to your Senior Photo Session with us: the Formal and Casual photos. Your Formal picture goes in the yearbook. For your Formal photo, you don't need to bring anything! We have the tuxedos for the guys and the drapes for the girls. (Ladies, if you have a special pair of pearls or a subtle necklace you'd like to wear, feel free to bring it!)

For your Casual photos, we encourage you to wear an outfit that is a bit nicer than you're every day attire, but not too fancy! We have convenient changing rooms, so you don't even have to come in wearing your outfit. You are more than welcome to bring in a few outfits to pick from for your Casual photos, especially if you are unsure of what you want to wear. We do ask that in order to stay on time for you and those taking senior photos after you, that you only wear ONE outfit for your indoor Casual photos.The staff of Iron City Studios is more than happy to help you pick THE outfit that will best suit you, as well as which will work best with our backgrounds in the studio! 

For the Outdoor casual photos, we recommend the same type of attire as your indoor and ask that you arrive dressed and ready for your shoot! 


For More in-depth details on what you should wear for your Senior Photos, see our 'PARENTS' tab on the Homepage, then click on 'PREPARE: SENIORS' option, or CLICK HERE!

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