What Does The Senior Sitting Fee Cover?
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Friday, January 20, 2017
By Iron City Studios
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The Senior Sitting Fee is a negotiated price that allows each student the opportunity to take their formal photos, using our studio's own tuxedos and drapes, and their indoor and outdoor casual photos. The Fee is based on the estimated number of students that will come and use our services over the summer and our staff's time and talent. Although not every student will take advantage of the numerous services we offer here at Iron City Studios, we do block out time for each student to take all photos if they desire! While you do not have to take advantage of all of our photography services, in order to make it into the yearbook, you will be required to take your formal photo with us! 

Because senior photos are pre-booked ahead of time, to insure we have enough time set aside each year for each student to take their photos in a timely, yet comfortable fashion, we do ask if you are unable to make your preset appointment with us, please cancel your old appointment and set up a new one that better fits your summer schedule! We do ask that you if you have to cancel your appointment with us, to please do so at least 24 hours before your assigned time, if possible. When you cancel your appointment ahead of time, it allows that time slot to be viewed as available by others in our system! We want to ensure that no times slots are unnecessarily taken up, so all students have a chance to have a time to take their senior photos!


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Iron City Studios - Hi Donna!
That is completely fine, thank you for letting us know! If you would give us a call to reschedule whenever you can, we would love to help get Davis a new appointment!

Iron City Studios
Donna Von Hagel - Hi,
I am so sorry. I had no idea that you're closed today. We found out over the weekend that we have some family events happening tomorrow that will make it difficult for my son, Davis Von Hagel to be there @ 2:45 (6-20).
Since you're closed, could we please reschedule. My concern is that you won't see this until tomorrow which would make it <24 hrs notice. I am so sorry for any inconvenience. Please let me know if this is possible.

Thanks so much.

Donna Von Hagel
Iron City Studios - Hi Ms. Maske,

The sitting fee for the cap and gown photos was our way of making the students show up for their session time. We've found in the past if we do not charge a sitting fee, the students feel less inclined to show up for appointments. The sitting fee should have been returned to you in the form of a gift card which you can use towards the purchase of any cap and gown photos or products.
The sitting fee does not cover any print or products costs unless you apply the gift card at the end of your purchase. The pricing guides are on our website. Once you have gotten to your photos, there will be a button at the top of the individual photo that says BUY. When you click on that the dropdown pricing guide will appear.

If you have any other questions or issues, please feel free to reach back out to us via email or phone! We're here to help!

Iron City Studios
Christi maske - What did the fee cover for the cap and gown pics for Hoover high? Are the prices the same or is there another price chart if you've already paid a fee?